okay scary story time my sister hid this pic of Michael Jackson behind my pillow and when I lifted my pillow I saw this and I screamed so loud I can’t even handle looking at the pic omfg

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make me choose; (anon asked) north or south

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Another dead blonde….

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@ladygaga: Chipmunk Cheeks Wisdom Teeth out before tour. I can’t eat. I’m gonna put some meatballs in a blender.

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Day 1

Today was stressful. The plane made me nervous and landing turned my stomach. I went to the bathroom while waiting for my bags and when I came back, there he was looking around for me. I came up behind him and just hugged him all I said for a bit was hey. My hosts fed me and gave me a curfew which I broke. I’m in love

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The fault in our murder 

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Lettuce Bacon Green beans Tomato Ally sandwich 

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